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Our story

Behind this story stands a couple, Miriam and Ado. We are co-founders of Malina studio, the branding agency, and besides of our projects we wanted to create something special, which would take us out of common business projects. The idea of creating the brand Malinka came to us once our little daughter Zoe was born. She has opened new world for us.

Every step we took to transfer our idea to reality, made us more and more passionate. Our daughter has inspired us in many ways. It also mattered to us to build the brand on natural and eco-friendly materials. Ado as a graphic designer used up his passion for lettering and typography. Miriam implemented her love in wordplays and sense for detail.

In Slovak, the word “Malina” means raspberry. For us, this fruit reflect to sweetness, easiness, summer, home and nature. And the word “Malinka” means little raspberry or just adjective “little”, so it was more than clear how we should name our new brand. Every piece of puzzle we put together, was a perfect match for us. And every satisfied customer makes us happy and keen on continuing.